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If you are looking to study at one of the many Spanish schools in Spain, you will first need to be able to choose one which will give you a good level of tuition and will allow you to progress to the next level of language skills with ease. It can be difficult to spot the right Spanish schools in Spain, particularly since they will all quite naturally claim to be the best, so we have come up with a few recommendations to at least give you somewhere to start. One of the biggest benefits for me personally is the ability to learn Spanish in Alicante which the Enforex schools allows, and caters to very strongly. There aren't many other establishments where this is possible.

If you would like to find a great course and just go for it without having to make complicated decisions, especially if you do not really know what constitutes a good course and what does not, then you should definitely try a program offered by the AmeriSpan School. They have the greatest range of locations, with fifteen cities in Spain for you to choose from and a total of fifty eight Spanish destinations when you include Latin America – a stunning figure that is unmatched by any other school that competes with them!

You will find a great range in another direction with the Enforex School, as they will allow you to choose between a huge range of up to twenty four different courses in all of their locations. Not only that but they also have twelve different Spanish schools in Spain, and worldwide they reach a total of thirty cities in which you can study with them. This is still an impressive figure and would beat the majority of schools down to the ground, so they are certainly a valid contender.

While there may be as many as seventeen Spanish courses offered in certain locations run by the don Quijote School, they do not fall behind Enforex in terms of Spanish schools, of which they also have twelve. They actually have thirty five locations for you to choose from as well, which means that allow they may offer less range in courses than their close competitors, they do offer more range in terms of Latin American cities – something which may sway your opinion either way depending on the kind of study trip that you are looking for and what kind of requirements you are going to have. You should try to base this on what you are going to be doing after your course rather than on current tastes.

Out of all of the different aspects of any Spanish language school excursions are probably not the most important factor and neither really is the decor of their facilities. Sure, you need to be comfortable, and you need to be able to relax and have fun, but there is no point in sacrificing the quality of your lessons in order to achieve these things. If you go for one of the really top Spanish schools in Spain, this will not be an issue, as you will be able to get great tuition and all of the extras in one neat package.